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candy crush soda hackCandy Crush Saga Cheat Six: Download This Firefox Extension**So, this Firefox Extension totally does what it says, giving Candy Crush Saga cheaters actual infinite lives. Not just 5 lives at a time like the other hacks and not-hacks, when you play Candy Crush Saga through a Firefox browser with this extension, you get 99 lives. But after losing one life, it’s automatically restored, meaning you have an… Read Article →

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candy crush saga bluestacks hackIn Candy Crush Saga, the player must score points by matching game pieces (stylized as candy) of the same kind horizontally or vertically, by swapping adjacent pieces. Pieces can exist in seven candy variations, distinguished by color and shape, in addition to several types of special pieces. Special pieces can be created by matching more than three adjacent pieces in a single move, and generally have… Read Article →

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candy crush hack cheat engine 6.4Candy Crush Soda joined the family in August 2014 for iOS, Android, and Facebook. It is the direct sequel to Candy Crush Saga and comes packed with tons of new features, level types, and special candies. We have tons of Candy Crush Soda cheats and tips to help you through every fizzy level. In Candy Crush Soda you’ll need to topple various level types including… Read Article →